Best Indian Food to Burn Fat

If you have a large appetite and are a foodie at heart, but struggling to burn fat and lose weight without any success, I have good news for you. What if I reveal few secretive food items that have the power of cutting fat from your body? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? And further, if I say that there is no need to follow a Mediterranean diet to lose weight but it is our own Indian food items, you will be surprised beyond belief.

Yes, certain ingredients which we add to our meals daily are efficient fat busters. Most of us are not even aware of it and some just ignore it.  So let us find out what are those secret ingredients in our Indian food that are best fat burners.



Cinnamon, commonly known as ‘Dalchini’ is widely used to enhance the flavour in a variety of food items like Biryanis and Pulavs. But we have not yet explored the true quality of this superfood that can torch fat in the body.

Cinnamon has an outstanding quality to initiate the action of insulin in our pancreas. Hence it proves very beneficial to those who suffer from diabetes. Even if you are a non-diabetic, any increase in your blood sugar levels will accumulate fat. Cinnamon has the property to regulate the level of sugar your body and prevent storage of fat in the abdomen.

You can add cinnamon to various kinds of food items and enjoy its benefits:

Add a pinch of cinnamon to your tea or coffee.

You can add cinnamon powder to lime and honey concoction.

Cinnamon powder can also be added to fruit juices and desserts.

Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your breakfast cereals and oats.



Jaggery, the humble Gur is a very powerful ingredient to cut the unnecessary fat in the body. It not only acts as a substitute for sugar but also enhances the texture of the food item when added to it. It is loaded with minerals mainly iron and hence very effective to those who are anaemic.

Jaggery has the ability to aid in digestion, relieves constipation and any discomfort caused due to gastric issues. Hence it is very stomach friendly and prevents fat accumulation around the waist. It is highly recommended to suck a piece of Jaggery after consuming a heavy meal especially a non-vegetarian dish.

Apart from the above, it is advisable to add Jaggery to sweeten your desserts instead of using white sugar. You can also add a piece of Jaggery to tea to increase its natural flavour. For those who are diabetics, Jaggery is a boon as many sweet dishes are now prepared by liberal use of Jaggery.



Chillies are commonly grown in our kitchen garden and extensively used in several food items. Chillies are loaded with Capsaicin, a thermogenic compound that activates the metabolic rate and burns the fat in our body. Regular consumption of chillies and capsicum helps to break down the fat making it simpler to burn it.

Also, it is observed, that those who consume chilly spicy food tend to drink a lot of water to soothe their burning palette making them full. Thus it curbs overeating and aids in weight loss



Cardamom or what we fondly call as ‘Elaichi’ is one of the world’s ancient spice. It has a refreshing aroma and no one can ignore its presence in the food item. Cardamom is a thermogenic herb that increases the metabolic activity in the body and hence proves to be productive in burning fat in the body.

Cardamom can be added to a wide range of foodstuffs like tea, coffee, cocoa, sweet dishes, oats and cereals. You can also add a pinch of cardamom powder to your cheese/butter toast. Munching few pods of cardamom after meals help to secrete digestive juices and initiate digestion process.  It also relieves bad breath and acts as an effective mouth-freshener.



Garlic has always been known for its various health benefits across the world. Garlic is recommended by doctors for prevention of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Research shows that addition of garlic in vegetables and pulses aid in weight reduction.

Garlic contains a compound called Allicin that acts as an appetite suppressant and in hence aid in weight loss. Consumption of garlic sends a signal of satiety to the brain and curbs hunger pangs. It also stimulates the nervous system and releases adrenalin hormone thereby increasing the metabolism. Any increase in metabolism leads to burning calories at a faster rate.



Belonging to the pulses family, Moong Dal boasts of several health benefits. It is a rich source of protein and loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, and E. It is very low in calorie and high in fibre that keeps you full for a long time.

I would like to share a recipe of Moong Dal (green) that not only fulfils your taste buds but also your stomach.

Moong Dal- 1/2 cup

Onion-1 small

Turmeric Powder- 1/2teaspoon

Red chilli powder-1/2 teaspoon

Ginger paste

Salt as per taste

Wash and boil moong dal with 1 cup of water and ginger paste till half soft. In a pan, shallow fry onion till brown. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt. Add the fried onions to moong dal and cook till it softens. Garnish with coriander leaves and few drops of lime. You can have this with Rotis/phulkas OR with steamed Rice.



No Indian meal is complete without adding our yellow spice-Turmeric or Haldi. It is a common notion that Turmeric is simply used as a colouring agent. But there are multiple health benefits of Turmeric.

The white adipose tissue in the body is responsible for fat accumulation in the belly. Curcumin, a constituent present in Turmeric targets the white adipose tissue and hence aid in fat cutting. Another benefit of turmeric is that the carbohydrate component in it is not absorbed by the body. This helps to reduce the BMI considerably.

Turmeric can be added to a glass of warm milk and its consumption will go a long way to reduce fat.


Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are extensively used in Indian households particularly South India. It leaves a lovely aroma when used for seasoning a variety of dishes.

Curry leaves have innumerable medicinal properties. It crushes the bad cholesterol in the body and promotes faster weight loss. Chewing curry leaves in the right manner soothe intestinal walls and promote digestion. It’s herbal property naturally cleanses the body and aids detoxification. Curry leaves can be added to vegetable juices, soups and tea for prominent weight loss.

So the next time when you serve your meal, do not keep aside curry leaves. Chew it and enjoy its medicinal value.



To digest the sugar in the body, vitamins and mineral actively participate to break it down further. Too much sugar depletes the essential nutrients in vitamins and mineral in the body and hence gets accumulated as fat. But Honey increases the good cholesterol and mobilizes the unused fat in the body thereby reducing your weight.

For those who are suffering from obesity, Honey reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders and acts as a barrier to store fat. Honey is also rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins like sodium, zinc, calcium, Vitamin C and VitaminB6.

A teaspoon of honey added to a concoction of warm lime water produces magical effects to burn fat in the body.



Buttermilk is a delicious after-meal drink and has a cooling effect on our digestive system. It is a probiotic food that contains healthy bacteria responsible for the smooth digestion process. Buttermilk is lower in fat content as the fat is removed to form butter. Those who suffer from unhealthy gut and colon disorders, buttermilk is highly recommended for easy digestion.

Buttermilk is rich in vitamin B12 that helps to convert glucose from the body into energy. It is also a good source of Riboflavin and potassium that facilitate the conversion of food into energy.

A glass of Buttermilk after a heavy meal is truly beneficial to aid rapid digestion.

All the above ingredients and food items are enormous power punchers of fat. Incorporate them into our daily diets and experience the magical difference in your weight. Do leave a comment and share your thoughts about it.


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