5 Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

Welcome- 2018

Is a weight loss plan a priority in the list of resolutions this year? And was it a resolution in the previous year too? If yes, then perhaps you had devised the weight loss plan too rigid and complicated to achieve the desired results or have ignored it.

Whatever may be the reason, it is never too late to begin what is healthy for the body. So here are five simple ways to lose weight in the year. They are simple enough to get you charged and diminish the possibility of shirking out the regime midway.

1) Establish smaller and realistic goals


Try to adopt a weekly goal of losing a kg or perhaps five kgs over a month. This is realistic to accomplish rather than expecting a miracle of shedding oodles of weight instantly.

Or better yet, do not set any goals for weight loss. You can simply begin with consuming more vegetables and fruits and shirking junk food. Fruits and vegetables provide more fibre that is necessary to throw out the toxins from the body and keep the digestive tract healthy. Within two weeks you will find yourself much lighter and active than what you were.   

2) Maintain a food diary

food journal

Create a food diary, at least for fifteen days and jot down the entire food chart, right from the breakfast to dinner. Everything from what you eat and drink and at what time should be jotted down.

The benefit of maintaining such a diary will tell you what food items you must discard and what should be included. It will also help to point the time element such as- are you eating too frequently or is there too much of a time gap between meals. This is crucial to avoid fluctuations in the blood sugar levels.

Ensure to make a note of how much water you consume throughout the day.

3) Recognize erroneous food items


From the food dairy, spot those food items that are unhealthy. Deep fried stuff and items made from refined flour are the main culprits to propel weight gain. Bread, Pizzas, Rolls and Frankies, Biscuits, Cakes, Doughnuts, Pastries, Fries, and Chips must be eliminated from your diet. I agree that it may be difficult initially to discard them. But the least you can do is to stop consuming them frequently or eat them in moderation gradually. Eventually, you will be able to strike off a much greater part of your diet.  Do not let the sense of taste prevail over the sense of well being.

It is a slow process and more of a lifestyle adjustment. Although fast foods are an easy choice due to their instant availability, they are loaded with sugar and harmful fats. Adopt whole wheat/multigrain bread or items made of semolina which keeps you satiated for a longer period and rich in fibre too.

4) Keep yourself physically active


Any activity that keeps your body moving is welcome. Your office job should not be an excuse to stay lethargic. You can always start your day with a walk or any physical activity like cycling, jog, skip, and mild aerobic. Yoga is another alternative to get your body in motion.

Exercising 30 minutes a day will go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy. These 30 minutes can be easily broken down into 5-10 minutes segments. You can take stairs instead of elevators, do leg lifts or arm curls at your desk, walk down to buy your everyday groceries, play an outdoor game on weekends and stop being glued to TV or cell phones for a long time. Connect with nature as much as possible to draw positive energy.  These simple measures just require your initiative and are easy to follow.

5) Identify the difference between hunger and appetite


It is very crucial to spot the difference between ‘hunger’ (need to eat) and ‘appetite’ (desire to eat). Many times your brain gives the signal that you are full. But since your eyes are just bigger than the stomach you do not pay heed. This results in overeating as your desires are never-ending.

Often, I have seen people eating just to give their acquaintance company. The other person may be genuinely hungry, but are you? You can always politely refuse when you are caught in such a situation. Do not let desire outweigh your needs. Stop munching unnecessarily when not required.


The above simple tips increase your odds of success in accomplishing the weight loss goal. You can rope in a family member or a friend for moral support. You can also reward yourself for achieving the target set every week. Maybe it’s buying a sweatshirt or a pair of shoes for the weight loss goal. So get started and have a healthy year ahead.


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