When you struggle to fit in your favorite jeans that just don’t move up your waist, all hell breaks loose. No matter how much you hold your breath tight or push your stomach in, the zip is just stuck where it is. That moment is so frustrating and makes you feel so helpless. You pray for a miracle that will burn the stubborn belly fat and make you look slim again.

A flat stomach is desired by all, and it is not impossible to achieve it. The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. So let me reveal that secret for you. Read it, and be relieved.

Water-The Wonderful cure:

Why do we take a bath every day?  Simple, because it washes the dirt, dust, and grime settled on our body. The same applies to the internal organs.  Yes, water is necessary to cleanse our internal digestive system and flush out harmful toxin as well. It is the first basic necessity to clear belly fat. Experts say that we must drink at least two to four liters of water every day to boost our metabolism.


We often get confused between hunger and thirst.  The body actually demands water, but we end up eating or binge on some junk food. This naturally builds up the fat content in your body.The next time you feel like snacking on something, drink a glass of water first. You will be amazed to see that your hunger has just disappeared and the body feels replenished. So isn’t water wonderful?

  • TIP: Sip a glass of lukewarm water after 45 minutes of consuming three meals of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. The results produced are simply amazing.

Vibrancy with Vegetables:

Vegetables hardly find a place on our plates, and even if they do, they will be simmering in oil and gravy. Have vibrancy with your vegetables and include a variety of them in your diet on a regular basis. Spinach, Brocolli, Cabbage, Beans, Peas, Radish and Fenugreek are rich in fibre, nutrients and low in calorie. They provide a good amount of soluble dietary fibre which aids in digestion, prevents low blood pressure, and curbs overeating. Around five portions of vegetables should be consumed on a daily basis.

But care has to be taken while cooking vegetables. It is recommended to cook them with less oil and salt. Overcooking of vegetables or frying them in deep oil destroys its nutrients and essential vitamins.


  • TIP: Steaming and blanching vegetables are the best techniques to enhance the taste and absorb its nutrients efficiently. Try it, and see how happy and content your belly feels.

Have Fun with Fruits:

All fruits contain some fat, but the quantity is minimal as they are unsaturated fats. Consumption of fruits like Avocado, Water Melons, Mangoes, Bananas, Papayas, Musk Melons, Apples, etc. keep your stomach full for a long time and with least calories. It is advisable to chew fruits slowly to mix with saliva and absorb their nutrients to the fullest.

It is also recommended to consume fruits in its natural flavor rather than drinking its juice. Extraction of juice leads to loss of its essential fibre and destroys the very purpose of consuming it. So do have fun with fruits daily.

  • TIP: Keep a bowl of cut fruits like apples, mangoes, chikoos or de-seeded pomegranate in air-tight containers in your refrigerators. It proves to be a healthy snack and a substitute for those who have a sweet tooth as fruits act as natural sweeteners.


Pump Proteins with Pulses:

Pulses include beans, lentils and peas like Chickpeas, Soya Beans, Black Eyed Peas, Kidney Beans, yellow and brown Lentils. Due to high fibre content and proteins, pulses and beans help to prevent constipation and promote healthy digestive tract. Pulses keep your stomach full for a longer duration and thus restrict unhealthy cravings.


Consuming pulses at least once a day in your diet can help to manage your weight effectively. Pumping proteins daily will go a long way to achieve a healthy weight.

TIP: It is recommended to consume boiled pulses and lentils with a dash of lemon, some pepper on top to enhance its taste and nutrition.

Nature’s gifts-Nuts and seeds:

Mother Nature has bestowed on us various gifts and goodies for our wellness and among them are nuts and seeds. Most of nuts and seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are low in calorie. Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashews, Peanuts, Flaxseeds, Pumpkin seeds, Chia, are healthy options for snacking. They provide instant natural energy than any other food and are packed with amino acids, antioxidants and other life enriching nutrients.

To avoid unhealthy cravings, one can just eat a handful of nuts, and that suffices your body with essential vitamins and proteins.


  • TIP: You can sprinkle a fistful of nuts and seeds on your breakfast cereal, chilled milk or yogurt or salads or even in the preparation of certain sauces and spreads.

Fortified with Omega-3 Fatty acids:

Eggs and Fish like Salmon and Tuna are low in fat and dense in quality protein. It is also rich in Omega- 3 Fatty Acids that keeps increasing your fullness. It reduces your appetite and snacking in between meals. You must include them in the diet plan if you desire to lose weight gradually.

Eggs and Fish are a healthier option than red meat, pork, and beef. However utmost care has to be taken while cooking them. Deep fried fish, eggs cooked in oily gravy destroys its very essence of providing essential nutrients.


  • TIP: Hard boiled or quarter boiled eggs, baked or grilled fish with crunchy vegetarian salads and soups will prove magical for your body.

Stay slim with good Sleep:

One of the pre-requisites to maintain a healthy weight is to have a proper sleep. When you are starved of sleep, it affects the metabolism and overall health. Sleep deprivation releases additional cortisol- a stress hormone that stimulates hunger and cravings for high carbohydrates that lead to greater fat storage.


So why not give our body the necessary rest that is necessary? Sleep is the primary nutrient of our body. On an average, a human body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. It is best to avoid late night parties or keep up tight work schedules during the golden hours of rest.

  • TIP: Try to finish your dinner by 8 pm so that the digestive system gets sufficient time to secrete enzymes necessary for digestion before you hit the bed at 10 pm for a quality sleep.


Hope, you find the above information and tips useful. Now, how to end this article with a bang? Well, there is another post coming soon with something more on belly fat. Just wait and watch…


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